Aug 132014

Here it is, 2 days before opening night and I actually posted some photos. The exhibit hall is cleaned and ready for cakes and quilts. The rides are all running and the games went up tonight. Tomorrow night the barriers and bunting will go up. I saw Mr. Klaassen shoveling cedar shavings in the sheep barns about 8 pm. There’s a lot of activity as people get ready for the hundreds (thousands?) of people that will descend on us in less than 36 hours…

Hope to see you this weekend.

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Jul 142014

The program poster for the 2014 Hydro Free Fair is now in stores throughout the area. If you are in Hydro, you can get them at most local merchants and in the surrounding area.

The poster is available here as an Adobe PDF file. Just right click the file choose “Save Link As”. You will need to install the Adobe Reader software on your computer if you don’t already have it.

Screenshot - 7_14_2014 , 9_15_29 AM

2014 Hydro Free Fair Poster

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Jul 132014

The people who work the Hydro Free Fair put in a lot of hours getting the midway, exhibition hall, fair barns, rodeo arena, and grounds ready for visitors. Usually we have a get-together a week or two after the Fair. But by then, school is in full swing and sports are going on and a lot of the volunteers miss out on the reward. Not to mention that we’re kinda tired of seeing each other (and Charlie).

This year we tried something different. Charlie got us together at the Masons hut on the fairgrounds a month before the Fair for a leisurely evening. For July, it wasn’t too hot and didn’t have too many mosquitoes. Charlie returned thanks for the dedication of the voluteers. Mike Woods (husband of Mona) made delicious chopped pull-pork sandwiches that were served by Lanny, Viola, and Gerald Hamar. Mike says the Masons will be selling these pulled pork sandwiches during the Fair, so you have my word on it, you’ll want one. For dessert, we had soft-serve, courtesy of Bill and Karen Entz.

About 40 people in attendance. The names of all escape me, so you can pick some of the faces of the usual suspects out of the photo below. Just out of the picture to the right are Charlie Wieland, Darren York, Ben Warner, and Woody Kimble who did not want their photo taken.

Remember, we can always use help setting up the week prior. Just show up at the fairgrounds about 6 pm. Someone will put you to work or ask Susan at Main Street Clothing. We can always use voluteers to work a shift on the midway. Call Pendra at Bank of Hydro.

See you at the Fair this year! August 14, 15, 16.





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Aug 132013

I’m not going to make any excuses, I completely forgot to update the website prior to the fair. It’s been a busy summer for us and I didn’t get the information I needed to get in advance.

Apologies for that. Next summer, someone kick me about mid-June.

We’ll get some photos posted on the site, though.

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Aug 172012

The 2012 Photowalk album is now available in the Photo Gallery. I edited the sizes of some of the photos since many of them were full sized. You can visit the fairgrounds tonight (Friday) and vote at the firefighters booth. One vote per person.

If you can’t visit the fairgrounds tonight, you can vote online. Please be courteous of others in your voting and don’t leave comments on the photos until after the voting is finished on Saturday. To vote, send the number of the your top 3 photos, in 1st, 2nd, 3rd order, to by noon on Saturday, August 18. To find the number of the photo, hover your mouse over the photo below or click on the photo to see the full-sized photo in a new window.


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Aug 162012

Thursday August 16, 2012

(These are taken from a photo. If the names are spelled incorrectly or the data are wrong, we’ll clean them up from Mr. Klaassen’s scorebook)

FFA Teams

  1. $35 – Thomas Fay Custer Team 1 (Kliewer, Taylor, Yoder, Adcock) – 1265
  2. $30 – Hinton (Garrison, Hawkins, Chavez, ) – 1256
  3. $25 – Weatherford (Alexander, Kimble, Kimble) – 1253

FFA Individuals

  1. $20 – Trey Scott (Lookeba Sickles) 428
  2. $18 – Nathan Taylor (Thomas Fay Custer) 427
  3. $16 – Blaine Hawkins (Hinton) 425
  4. $14 Kellie Kliewer (Thomas Fay Custer) 424
  5. $12 Tannee Garrison (Hinton) 423
  6. $10 Charis Kimble (Weatherford) 420
  7. $8 Braeton Kimble (Weatherford) 418
  8. $6 Chandan Yoder (Thomas Fay Custer) 417
  9. $4 Katie Alexander (Weatherford) 415
  10. $2 Marshal Mathews (Geary) 414

4H Teams

  1. $35 Thomas Fay Custer/Lookeba Sickles (Scott, House, Miller Gose) 925
  2. $30 Thomas Fay Custer (Tharp, Hose, Mannering, Kliewer) 913
  3. $25 Hydro-Eakly (Klaassen, Carney, Horn) 903

4H Individuals

  1. $20 Raegen Klaassen (Hydro Eakly) 336
  2. $18 Baleigh House (Lookeba Sickles) 327
  3. $16 Maddie Scott (Lookeba Sickles) 324
  4. $14 Angela Ramming (Hinton) 318
  5. $12 Alexia Carney (Hydro Eakly) 312
  6. $10 Jason Tharp (Thomas Fay Custer) 309
  7. $8 Justin Howe (Thomas Fay Custer) 306
  8. $6 Kade Miller (Hinton) 304
  9. $4 Kassidy Reynolds (Hinton) 303/31
  10. $2 Codey Courtney (Fort Cobb Broxton) 303/30


  1. Cody Thomas 293
  2. Christy Wyatt 283
  3. Dusty Carney 278
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Aug 142012

The Hydro Fair starts this Thursday! Help us get ready!

This week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, starting around 6 PM, workers will be at the fairgrounds, getting ready for the fair. If you have some time, we would love some help. Just show up, someone will tell you what to do.

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Aug 072012

Get your motors runnin! The Hydro Fair parade is back again in 2012.

Bring your floats, bicycle riders, horses, and most of all your friends to Hydro on August 18th, 2012. The Hydro Fair Parade will be going down Main Street at 10:00 AM and you don’t want to miss it!

The theme for 2012 is Fun and Games.

If you want to participate in the parade, the judged categories are

  • Small children (bicycles, battery-powered carts, walking)
  • Small float (e.g. 2 decorated wheel utility trailer, golf cart, ATV, lawn mower)
  • Large float (e.g. decorated 2 axle trailer or pickup)

Other non-judged groups are encouraged to join us in the parade!

  • Horse teams
  • Motorcycles
  • Classic cars
  • Candidates seeking elected office
  • Marching bands
  • Civic organizations

Register in front of Long & Associates (Northeast corner of Main and Broadway), beginning at 9:00 AM.

Small children will line up on Broadway between Main and 6th Streets.

Floats will line up on East Main Street, beginning at Broadway, facing west.

The parade will finish at the Hydro Fairgrounds, where the kids are invited to try out for the tractor pull.

After the tractor pull, at 1:00 is the Mud Volleyball tournament. You’ll want to stick around for that.

Here are some photos from the 2008 Hydro Fair Parade. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see them enlarged.

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Jul 232012

The poster for the 2012 Hydro Free Fair is now in stores through out the area. If you are in Hydro, you can get them at most local merchants. You can also find them at Co-op elevators and convenience stores in the area.

For 2012 (and hopefully future years), the poster is available here as an Adobe PDF file. Just download the file and open it on your computer. You will need to install the Adobe Reader software on your computer if you don’t already have it.

>>>CLICK HERE to save the poster on your computer<<<

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Jun 302012

Did you know the Hydro Free Fair is run entirely by volunteers and has been for over 70 years?

There are lots of ways you can help before Opening Day. See the list below and the people you can contact to volunteer your time and efforts.

  • Put the games together (work nights are Monday through Wednesday night the week prior to the fair, starting around 6 pm) [Charlie Wieland]
  • Mow the grounds and the yards in the area of city park [Eric Cloninger]
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on something [Charlie Wieland]
  • Take
  • Work at a game or ride [Pendra Cook]
  • Stock game prizes and deliver cold water [Michelle Cloninger]
  • Tear down the games and store them for winter [Charlie Wieland]
  • Skilled tradesmen (certified electricians, HVAC, plumbers, and mechanics) are always needed [Bill Glasscock]

See you at the Fair!

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